Hi! I’m Joel,

a MSc Data Science student at the University of Nottingham. I originally grew up in a small corner of Suffolk and moved to Canterbury for a volunteering gap year. After this I remained in Canterbury, where I completed my batchelor’s degree in Economics with Econometrics at the University of Kent. Upon graduating, I moved to London to spend a year working at HSBC as a short-end IG Credit Trader.

Outside of work and academia I am known for being a very musical person, commited to my local Church, Trent Vineyard. I play the trumpet, piano, drums, and bass guitar, but focus on acoustic guitar; much of my time is spent in the worship team and supporting the youth work. Despite moving to Nottingham, I support Norwich City, using my spare time to watch football or play dodgeball and table tennis.

Additionally, much of my time at university has been spent co-leading the acapella group on campus, and leading the Economics Society as President.

I am experienced in using Python, SQL, LaTeX, R and Stata. Use the links at the top of the page to find code for many Undergraduate Economic graphs (LaTeX) and the latest version of my R Package, called Kenometrics. The graphs are designed to provide a template for anyone to adapt into their desired form; the Kenometrics package has been created to allow staff and students alike to teach and use R with Econometrics.

I hope this information is useful – if you have any quieries, would like a copy of my CV, or wish to collaborate, then please get in touch using the Contact page.

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