I am experienced in using R (and Stata) for Econometrics and have created a package to help undergraduate Economics students. It can be installed and used by anyone, but only modified for personal requirements, not on a mass scale.


During the exam period and summer of 2020 (lockdown!), I spent my time creating a package in R called Kenometrics. Inspired by the technical support sessions run by academics at the University of Kent, and the lack of a package aimed at Undergraduate students, I put one together myself. Much of the content stems from the work I completed studying for one of my 2nd year Econometrics courses. However, I will continue to update the package as and when I design features which I believe will be useful. Please get in touch with any features which you would like to see added (and consider donating!).

The Kenometrics package provides the following functionality:

  1. get_data() A single function to find and source data from a variety of sources (Wooldridge, FRED, txt, Excel)
  2. ttest() Conduct a t-test (with a specific hypothesised mean, not necessarily 0)
  3. make_ts() Make the data time-series (to allow for lagged variables etc.)
  4. make_numeric() Make the data of numeric form, to allow to conversion from zoo to numeric (reversing the make_ts function)
  5. chow() Conduct a chow test (it adds an intercept and dummy slope and tests the significance depending on if one is testing for a break in the intercept, slope or both)
  6. ADF() Conduct an ADF test (and if the data are non stationary, it adds the first-difference to the data frame)
  7. LRM() Find and test the significance of the long run multiplier

If you like the look of this then take a look at the Kenometrics Support vignette file by clicking the button below. This link provides examples and showcases some of what you can achieve using the package.

Please note that the package is available on github by using the link above and navigating to the home page, or by clicking here. I am looking to get the package accepted to and distributed through CRAN; I will update this page as and when that happens.

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